Thursday, November 10, 2005

wee wonderfuls

wednesday was a really wee wonderfuls experience. i received by postcards from hillary lang, the patchwork set. really, really delightful. beautiful end product.

wee postcards

ever since i saw hillary's pattern for making wees, i have wanted to make one. i made this for a co-worker/team member where i work (yolo hospice). it was her birthday.


this is hillary lang's website.
this is where you can download a wee pattern.
this is where you can purchase the patchwork set postcards.
thank you hillary!!


The Brunette said...

So cute! Is that for my birthday? ;-) Just kidding! I am waiting for pie though Jan!

karma said...

i like her fabric stamps

jennifuzz said...

do you think I could make one of the stuffies without a sewing machine? or are the seams too important?

lyn said...

Very cute, I love your dolly. : )