Monday, May 09, 2005


labels, originally uploaded by lorijeanine.

my labels came today!


Arlene said...

What are the labels for miss laura?

laura r. said...

putting on things i make:
hats, pillows and cozy crochets.

Kurt said...

Have you quitted your job yet?

Anonymous said...

have you quilted your job yet?

Laura said...

Those are AWESOME!!

From another Laura. :-)

karma said...

where did you get these? of course, labels would require my finishing any of my 35 half-started projects.

karin said...

this must be a good omen!
i posted a photo of my labels this week:
and so did she:

I must say yours are nicer!

thanks for your comment on

myra said...


Jenn said...

I love those. I too was thinking about buying some labels. I have heard good and bad things about ordering them. you must be pleased with these!! did you have to order a ton? some of the places I looked at you had to order at least five hundred. I can't imagine ever needing that many...not for how slow I finish things anyway!!

Lisa H. said...

Your labels rock. They're so glittery.
Karma and Jenn:
I ordered labels last year for my many (mostly unfinished) projects. They're easy to get, and I didn't have to order a ton. My labels aren't as nice as Laura's, but they are nicely personalized:
An Alice Was Here Creation
I got mine from Charm Woven Labels - you can order them on their website.

laura r. said...

i ordered from name maker inc.
they were 50 for $22. i wanted woven labels as opposed to ink letters on fabric. those are 100 for $7.75.
thank you for the compliments!