Friday, May 06, 2005


suwappu, originally uploaded by lorijeanine.

last night i arrived home to this delightful package! thank you for this fantastic swap, hillary!!


Kurt said...

For those of us not in the crafting community, we need a little more info on this suwappu phenomenon.

laura r. said...


it is just like bartering.
hillary had some wonderful vintage cloth she offered on her blog to swap (trade) a piece of it for a comparable piece. she added to the swap though; origami paper, candy, vintage greeting cards...
she's swell!!

tania said...

oh! lucky duck! i was late on the draw for that swap and i LOVE the fabric!
i think the 30's will be better too.
a hello kitty tatoo! what a great idea!

Jenn said...

that is great fabric. I can't wait to see what everyone makes with it!! it is neat that a lot of the blogs that I read made the trade. so I know soon you all will have made something different with the same fabric. it will be interesting to see what everyone comes up with!!