Thursday, July 14, 2005


i often hear women at work say,
"I wanted to stay home today,"
"Can I go home now?"
"I want to be at home."
i wonder what it is that drives us to be "at home."
we work too many hours, we have creative lives that pull us, we have children to be with, we have a santuary that calls.
how do we balance our home & work life in a society that does not recognize nor honor this deep need?
if i could, i would stay home today.


Lisa H. said...

I'd really like to be at your home today too.

Kurt said...

Has that color of paint been approved by the neighborhood homeowners' group?

laura r. said...

i am grateful there is not a homeowners association.

laurie b. said...

I love your home! And I am completely in agreement on the nesting instinct of women. Oh, how I love being at home. :)

casey said...

You can. Stay home today, that is. I treated myself to a sick day on Monday. Wednesdays are great call-in-sick days. Helps break up the work week.

tania said...

ooh!! its even hotter where you are!!!
ugh, hang in there.

jennifuzz said...

I stayed home yesterday (Friday) and it was good, but should have come over to your house!