Tuesday, July 05, 2005


menagerie2, originally uploaded by lorijeanine.

tomorrow is my 39th birthday. i have been meditating on this fact for almost a year. 40 will seem like nothin'. i can't seem to wrap my head around 39. it is only a number, true. but, it holds some meaning. some meaning i seem to need to impose.
also, i think i am realizing that one may only get one or two good, deep friends in a lifetime. why does this strike me as strange? it does though.
i finished the top of the quilt. once i get the backing pieced, i will make the top-batting-back sandwich. then, i will be ready to quilt. i love hand stitching so much. all that to get to the actual quilting.


karma said...

also, i think i am realizing that one may only get one or two good, deep friends in a lifetime - those 1 or 2 truly good not-mean friends can get you through anything. And they are (usually) fun to hang out with too.

(p.s. when I get in trouble for that comment, can I come stay with you guys when I am out West?)

laura r. said...

absolutely, that's what friends are for!

Kurt said...

I thought you didn't have any friends?

Arlene said...

I agree with you on the friends :-)

For some reason, this birthday is putting you at a little cross roads. You'll be fine though, you just have to ignore the little fork and keep going forward :-)

Happy early birthday!!!

Lisa H. said...

Happy Birthday, Laura!

I think 39 is tricky because it's not 40, but it makes you realize that 40 is not only inevitable, it is next. But what do I know? I'm only 36 (which is not 40 but it is after 35, and makes me realize that I am in fact a grown-up, whether I like it or not).

I love your menagerie. Which figures would you most liken to your closest friends? (besides the one of you and Jan.)

jennifuzz said...

You will enjoy 39, trust me. It's way better than 38 (which is so last month).
Lisa, when did you turn 36? did you recently have a birthday?

casey said...

39 is such a round, squiggly number and divisible by 13! So it must be lucky. Happy Birthday.