Sunday, August 28, 2005

coptic book

our friend olivia left yesterday for graduate school at massart, massachusetts college of art. i did not finish her present in time. i think she will like receiving mail her first week there. i love paint by number paintings so much. i like the manufactured blue outlines, partially finished ones, and completed ones. we have two hanging in our home. maybe olivia will find inspiration with this sketch book. mostly i hope gratuate school will be all she wants & much, much more.


closeup coptic

endpage coptic


lisa s said...

what a nice gift! did you get to see the gober installation at SFMOMA... giant paint by #'s

The Brunette said...

Wow, I used to LOVE paint by numbers!! It was the only type of painting I could do...hmmm, I may have to get one now :-)

casey said...

I love these too and have a couple in my house...did you color these ones in yourself?

Lisa said...

very cool!

tania said...

that is beautiful!
she will LOVE it.

karma said...

where did you get it?