Sunday, August 07, 2005

reply to inquiry

karma inquired about two items on my list. thanks for asking karma.

here is the sew on and sew forth book. i was having problems with the page layout and the printer. my plan was to print the cover on colored paper, book block on white. i was going to make a small edition to sell...

cover page
page 1
page 2 page 3
page 4 page 5
page 6 page 7
page 8 page 9

back cover

christmas of 2002 we were at my family's in maryland. everyone was busy making something. i felt left out. i spotted an old doll's blanket made with yo-yo's which my aunt made when she was a kid. i thought it would be a good time to start one myself as i have always wanted to make one.




Arlene said...

I love the YoYo quilt!! Is it hard to make? Soooo cute!!

karma said...

The book is beautiful - have you thought about making it into a sketchbook or a project book so people could use it for tracking their own sewing projects?

I was picturing the other kind of yo-yos.

casey said...

I love this. Please share more of your books.

Kurt said...

Responding to commenters requests! What's next - a guest post?

FGS, get control of your blog!

lisa s said...
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lisa s said...

hi laura... thank you for the kind comment you left me.... i really appreciate it! i love the book - i have had a thing for dressmaking patterns for like forever! and the yo-yo quilt is really really lovely! i am looking forward to keeping up with you.... lisa
(sorry i deleted the last version b/c of absolutely ridiculously horrid typos)

sweethc said...

Tell me that is NOT a Fashion Plate figure? I used to have those and would love to find them again.