Sunday, October 30, 2005

a bright light went out

our sweet cat earl died on October 29, 2005.
he passed with dignity with both jan & i there whispering sentiments of love & praise.
what a good boy.
so brave, so strong.
earl grey was here when we moved into this house 6 years ago.
we had 3 cats we brought with us.
i told jan that this cat keeps hanging around.
she said whatever you do, don't feed him.
i fed him.
one weekend when we were away, he got a terrible infection in his eye.
we were treating it with antibiotics, but it punctured & had to be removed.
one eye was green, one yellow.
we were sad & worried for his quality of life.
two years ago when we went to visit our friends in florida, earl broke his back leg.
he had to get a pin put in so the bone could heal.
it was a long recuperation due to his age. he was in his teens.
there must have been some neurological damage along with the leg breaking as he started to have little seizures.
it has been a time of worry & lots of dotting. lots & lots of love.
i was pretty sure he was actively dying. jan stayed home on thursday, i have my fridays off.
we went for little, labored walks with him.
he spent so much time on our chests, sleeping.
because of my experience with so many terrific people at hospice, i understood about comfort care. every moment we made him as comfortable as possible.
many people knew earl. he was a sweet, good natured cat. very smart.
we will miss him so much.


The Brunette said...

Good night Sir Earl. Sleep well sweet boy.

lisa s said...

oh.... this is the sad part of having pets..... lucky you. lucky earl! enjoy the memories of him.... i'll light a candle for him tonight!

Alice said...

Earl was a lucky cat to have found you, and to have had so much comfort and love as he was fading away. His lying in state picture is beautiful.

Kurt said...

Now I feel bad for all the times I made fun of him. Earl!

Cassi said...

I'm very sorry Laura, losing a pet can be so difficult. It sounds like you gave him a warm home and a wonderful life; I'm glad you were with him at the end. Hugs, Cassi

karma said...

he was lucky to have you and Jan and your understaning of comfort care.

jennifuzz said...

Beautiful post, beautiful photo. Earl Grey, rest in peace. I'm sorry I never got to meet him.

Anonymous said...

We remember well kitty Earl Grey. RIP