Saturday, October 22, 2005

to blog or not to blog, that is the question

i have been thinking about why i have a blog & if i should continue.
i thought it would be a good way to keep me motivated at making stuff.
and it has.
i thought it would be a good way to get feedback, but i am not so sure about that anymore.
time is so precious. i think about life & death everyday.
it may have something to do with working for hospice, but it may be me trying to sort out why i am here.
i think i am a seeker & a meaning maker. i want signs, i want messages, i want answers.
some people rely on religion, that has not worked for me.
i went to private Catholic school for twelve years. i have no savior.
time is all we have.
i must use it wisely.


lisa s said...

i can't help but notice the tale of the yak bag.... i love that store...

i have been thinking similar thoughts of late.... i don't really have an answer - but what i have figured out is that i like the act of writing as a means to understand what i'm thinking. and i like the community that has emerged from the whole blog thing.

do what your heart and head combined tell you to do. you have the right answer - you just have to let it come to you. i will say that if you stop, you will be missed....

Kurt said...

There are a lot of blogs out there, and yours is definitely one of the best. You only post when you have something to post, and it's always worth waiting for.

BTW, I have the answer, I'm just waiting for you to ask.

The Brunette said...

I wish I had the answers...I'm not even sure I have the answers to my own life! I do love your blog though, and Kurt's right, your posts ARE worth waiting for, becauase they're always a very real piece of you, something I'll really miss now that I'm gone from Hospice :-(

casey said...

Don't go.

I'm down to keeping up with about 2 blogs. Yours is one of them.

Then what would I do?

But the choice is yours. We can't give you a reason.

Kim's Suitcase said...

hmmh..good question.
thank you for the comment on my blog.
i checked out the things you have for sale at etsy just now and they are incredible! i am happy to have seen them, sharing is nice...

karma said...

you are making it sound like the decision has to do with you and your needs instead of your readers and our needs. what gives?

jennifuzz said...

what kind of future can I imagine for my child if you quit blogging?

Blue Moon Mama said...

Hey! I have that same pillow doll thing -- the one in the picture accompanying this blog post.

It must be a sign. Don't stop blogging.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more.