Sunday, October 02, 2005

collecting girl scout items

girl scout collection

i began collecting girl scout merit badges (mostly) since 1998. the collection has grown to other items: catalogs, jewelry, stationery, photos...
i have not purchased anything for the collection in a long time, though. i think partly was the cost, there are items that go for hundreds of dollars. i cannot afford to invest that much. ebay is the best place to obtain girl scout items, old & new.
i have often wanted to go to a trade-o-ree to see what other collectors have. trade-o-rees are for collectors of boy scout items & sometimes there are girl scout items amongst them.
sometimes i wonder if i am finished collecting girl scout items. there are more items to collect, but not at the prices they go for.
when does one stop collecting whatever it is they collect?


lisa s said...

do you have a plan for this stuff or do you just like looking at it??

i think it's great! i have one 1950's girl scout book which i really like... i'll have to post some pics on flickr... maybe you already have it!

i think you stop collecting when you no longer get that rush when you see something that you don't have... you know?? but that's me!

The Brunette said...

Now that Ariel is an official Girl Scout, I'll see what I can do to help your collection along :-)

karma said...

I can't remember if we talked about this but I bought a bunch a few years ago and put them on t-shirts for my girlfriends for what they earned them for. I will look and see if I have any left in my stash.

casey said...

Gee, I only have one collection and about 4 items in that said collection. But it seems like you have a lot here.

Kurt said...

I'm shocked by this shameless plea for free girl scout stuff from readers. I will never give you my merit badges.