Friday, November 25, 2005

black friday

i was amazed at all the stores having sales beginning at 5AM today!
when i was a kid people called the day after thanksgiving black friday due the first day of "christmas shopping." i know it is a commercial, consumer driver, capitalistic invention.
every year i make concerted efforts to stay away from heavy gift-giving & getting caught up in the mad frenzy.
i learned from a beloved friend, virginia, to look all year long for that something special for that someone special.
these have been sitting here since march 2005, when virginia gave them to me to save for december 25, 2005.

i just read that the word advent means "both to go and to come." while i am not a christian, there is something appealing about this time of year holding the possibilities of grace, or rather, being held in grace. i have in the past made the effort to attend Catholic mass every sunday in advent. i only go to one church, it is old & trditional in architecture, but the homily is often more humanitarian & open-minded than i recall as a school girl in Catholic parochial school.
jan always makes homemade greeting cards & presents. she has been working on this year's batch for weeks!


Kurt said...

If you have the perfect present for me, why wait til Christmas?

karma said...

I can't wait until they start running ads telling you you are anti-Christian if you don't shop on black friday. I suspect within a few years, it will hit that level.

Jesus said...

I am the reason for the season.

lisa s said...

there is no way to shop at 5am. it is ridculous! did you hear about the drama at some walmarts???

i wish i could be together enough to get things throughout the year, but alas, that just never works for me!

here we go!

casey said...

I prefer church without the mass or the priests. And, of course, all the candle lighting.
Happy hunting.