Saturday, November 19, 2005

november 19, 2005

creating this website in dreamweaver is using up all my spare time.
what was i thinking?

i have begun to play holiday music. is it too early?
this is in my collection:
  1. The Cambridge Singers/Rutter, Christmas Night: Carols of the Nativity
  2. Vince Guaraldi, A Charlie Brown Christmas
  3. Ella Fitzgerald, Wishes You a Swinging Christmas
  4. the original Soul Christmas, various artists
  5. 3 mixed albums, 2 made by the music man himself, kurt.

do you all have any recommendations for holiday musica?



Hogg said...

Yes, it's a bit too early; thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet!

lisa s said...

good luck w/ dreamweaver....

phil spector's x-mas... booker t and the mgees holiday record....

:) it's not too early if you say so!

Kurt said...

I always start one week after Thanksgiving, but I go pretty heavy with the holiday stuff. Each person must find their own optimum start time.

The Brunette said...

They're already teaching the kids christmas songs at Tyler's school because they put on a little christmas show, so he's been singing them ALL THE TIME! I'll send him over to you, and you guys can sing together, in exchange for pumpkin pie ;-)

karma said...

you might alredy know but macromedia has some good tutorials on their site for dreamweaver.