Saturday, February 03, 2007

all i wanna do is stitch

i am one of those people who does not make time for their very favorite thing to do.
very. favorite.
that was why i went to graduate school for art. i thought it would be the only way to get a block of time to do what i really love.
i admire all the women whose blogs i follow to see what they create on a regular, year round basis. really. i admire them so. i don't know how they do it.

a bird in the hand
angry chicken
little birds handmade
the small object
wee wonderfuls

i have a few books that i thought would help me with this lifelong dilemma i have with making art:How to Survive & Prosper as an Artist, Zen and the Art of Making a Living and the Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity. those are just the one's i own...

i finally got crackin'.


it is in honor of a newborn.
i think i would like to add a little buddha.
i took a photo of one & edited it in photoshop using the mosaic feature.
i think it will be easy to translate to the piece.



have a rockin weekend!


Kurt said...

I did!

Stabbed! said...

Cool idea with the pixelated image. I hope you don't take offense at my "not counted or crossed" thing (on stabbed!), because honestly I have been feeling like doing some needlepoint, a replica of one of William Morris or Henry Dearle's tapestry designs. I feel this would just be copying and why did I get an MFA anyway? I love the arts and crafts aesthetic so much, and it would be so soothing and mindless to just sort of paint by number (not like the illustration I am working on right now). I'll show you my current project when it's done; it's going to be published on the cover of American Journal of Psychiatry, thanks to David getting some articles published therein. It's gratis so don't be too impressed. I've been trying my hand at illuminated miniatures on and off for a while, and the trip to England provided some research time, and then the opportunity and timing were right. It’s very exacting and intense work that ends up being curiously satisfying over time.

I had a big (about 10 x 22 in) crewel embroidery I’d been working on January – June and that I’ll hopefully get back to soon. It’s only about 1/3 done and I have “other fish to fry.” I really like the crewel wool to work with on linen so hopefully I’ll get back to it. I hate having big plans for something and then never getting it done!

Years ago I had an idea for a “pen pal embroidery.” I sent some pieces off to several stitching friends with a little bit of my embroidery on each, hoping they would get into it but I never got anything back. I’d be up for trying this again now with the blog to assist. I have scanned my crewel piece each day and was planning to make it into a flash animation to show its construction. The scanning of the pieces being sent back and forth might make the thing come alive and off the cloth more. Please take these ideas and run with them if they speak to you.

I love the new magazine Craft: that’s out now and also the book Hip to Stitch by Melinda Barta that came out a little while ago. I’m glad there’s this new generation with its own look and so fresh and exciting.

A small group/blog devoted to stitch would be so cool. Let’s see if we can create one, okay?

Have you been in touch with any UCD people? I’ve emailed DR a couple times and haven’t heard back. I tried to email Martha Brundin when I was in Oxford but never heard back. I don’t have an email for people like JoAnn Stabb but would really like to correspond with her also.

Susan has been good with keeping in touch and I’m so impressed with what she’s accomplished as an academic.