Sunday, August 19, 2007

summer vacation

we headed down to southern california 8/10.
we saw lots of terrific art work: hammer museum in l.a. & tinlark in hollywood.

tinlark gallery

laura normandin, felt trivets

maggy rozycki hiltner, embroidery

we purchased some work:

ann wood, a horse a day for 100 days.

felt trivet

we drove further down california for my cousin eli's wedding to dinah.
it was lovely & wonderful.

we had a sweet visit with jan's 86 year old mama.


Kurt said...

I should leave the house sometime. It looks interesting out in the world.

Alejandra said...

I saw the horses on your wall whe other day and thought they were so pretty and cute. I KNEW they were new!
I love the picture of Jan and her mom. It's favorited on my picassa account. :)