Wednesday, December 31, 2008

embroidered hand towel

when my maternal grandmother was alive, in her bathroom she always had three cotton mismatched hand towels. they often had lovely embroidery on them. they did not absorb well, yet i loved using them after washing my hands. she never threw them away when they got "old."
after she died and my mother & i were dismantling the home, i took all these hand towels. some of the embroidery is so worn, it is a ghost image.
after my mother-in-law died this september, my sister-in-law came across many letters she had written to her mother over the years. Some she read aloud. A phrase she had written as a teenager & now read aloud was,"'s either a bummer or a groove." everyone burst into laughter upon hearing this brilliance. my sister-in-law is quite intelligent, hilarious & very depressed. her phrase has caught on in our household & we use it all the time. i just finished her christmas present; her unique phrase embroidered on my grandmother's hand towel.


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ps: Is the globe still for sale?

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