Saturday, July 23, 2005

6 months of bloggin

dream pets
six months ago i emailed my friend kurt and suggested we blog together.
our lives have changed forever.


Kurt said...

Thank you for introducing me to blogging. I wish I knew how to insert one of those stupid hearts!

jennifuzz said...

and you changed mine as well. Happy 6 months, here's to at least 6 months more!
Kurt -- it's all about cut and paste.

karma said...

Tradition says that a 1-year anniversary is paper. I am not sure what an appropriate 6-month blog anniversary present is but I suspect it's just leaving a comment with a heart for each month. So Happy Anniversary to all of you

"♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥"

Arlene said...

Congrats on 6 months, and congrats to Kurt also, as I can't comment on his blog :-(

Lisa H. said...
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Lisa H. said...

I think I started wasting incredible amounts of time about six months ago too. So thank you, Laura, for tipping that first domino when you suggested that Kurt blog along with you; thank you, Kurt, for telling me about your blog and requiring that only "members" can comment; thank you Karma, for your avid curiosity re: the blogosphere, and consequently for trying to set me up with EGIT. Jennifuzz, I would thank you, too, but you disappointed us all when you quit blogging. However, I will thank you for your insightful commentary and your relentless encouragement re: posting. (Thanks also, Mom and Dad: without the trauma you inflicted and the indelible scars you left on my psyche, my best posts would probably not be very good.)

So, post Laura, ergo propter Laura! - No faulty logic there! Also, let's not leave out Fuzzworks. I think we all can agree that a life unfuzzed is not worth living.

tania said...

thanks for that list loink! i can't wait to read it.
the pants looka bit like those skelton cpstumes to me! all white on dark!
♥doncha just love the hearts?

tania said...

ooh boy, please excuse my horrid spelling and happy 6 months!