Thursday, July 21, 2005

sanitary pad wrappers

sanitary pad wrappers
ten years ago, i had an idea for sanitary pads, print fortunes or messages on the removable adhesive wrapper. i see now that my idea is being used. tips like, "exercise regularly" and "drink plenty of water" can be read on the tear-off strip.
i should have sent my idea in to Kotex.


Arlene said...

I know I haven't had a period in a while, but I don't remember ever having stuff on my wrappers. Where did you find these?

casey said...

my friend once made a flip book of sanitary pad instructions like these.
I have stared at these so many times...

karma said...

Fortunes like
"Congratulations, you're not pregnant!"
"Hope you weren't wearing white pants"
"Don't forget to buy pamprin with a tear off coupon" would be a hit.

tania said...

ha! those guys were spying on you!
grat idea, fortunes would be funnier