Friday, September 02, 2005

quilt for katrina!!

quilt for katrina!!, originally uploaded by dressform.

shanna of two trees with roots is organizing a quilt for katrina. make a quilt square (10.25" x 10.25") & send to her to assemble.
flicker group here.


kurt said...

I don't think Katrina deserves a quilt after all the damage she's done!

Carl said...

Can anyone deny that it’s a small world (wide web)? Accidentally stumbled into your blog...then realized that I know you (sort of)... SCC...GC50...I was the TA. Glad to see that you’re keeping busy in the People’s Republic of Davis (as Doyle would say). Anyway, didn’t think I should be trespassing without saying hello...hi Laura!
Take care and keep up the good work.