Friday, December 02, 2005

calling all angels

when i was a child i so looked forward to my mother putting the advent calendar out. each day i anticipated opening a window. it never mattered to me that each year it was the very same calendar. the german kids down the street had a german advent calendar, where each day revealed a chocolate figure. each year a new advent calendar for them. i couldn't imagine!
i picked up this advent calendar at a yard sale. i keep it on my dresser, all year long. it stays tri-folded, windows closed. until now. when i was in graduate school, i thought about the advent calendar of my youth. it revealed secrets, hidden treasures to behold in my mind. i wanted to convey that same feeling in some way with girdles & corsets as a student making things. this was an attempt. i would like to visit this effort again.
this was a big week in our house. jan received word that her reclassification went through at the university california davis where she is the assistant manager at the craft center. it is a fabulous place. it is a big clubhouse for grown-ups who love to make things! jan really deserved this raise. that very same night we went to the old opera house in winters, the palms playhouse to see jane siberry. we had no idea what we were in for. really. she is enchanting. i was transported completely & utterly. she brought me to tears. there were times i could not even applaude because i was too stunned. she is a performer, a poet, a muse, an instrument. she is divine. to be held in her world for those couple of hours was truly a state of grace. i had a chance to tell her. she came out to talk to folks afterwards. there she stood. a human, just like me. i was too shy. too embarressed. what would i say,"you touched my soul" or "ohmygodyouaresoincredible"? i could not. i am from l.a., i can't be a star-struck fan.
although, here i am.
a star-struck fan.


Kurt said...

With songs like Love Is Everything, Sail Across The Water, and All The Candles In The World, she's got to be good!

casey said...

the advent girdle! luv it.

Hogg said...

I am a huge JS fan -- I met her back when I was in high school (she is a Torontonian, of course). Mimi on the Beach is played regularly on the turntables.

Lisa Flan said...

I've heard of her, but haven't actually had the pleasure. I love her name, and I love the title, "Peace in a Pod." Oh, I wish for peace. Give peace a chance.