Saturday, December 03, 2005

holiday cheer

other people exist's kurt is a good friend. we met up in the big city today & brought him back to our pad with us.
it really feels like the holidays with the egg nog flowing & holiday music playing.
have a good weekend!


karma said...

Laura, lock up your good china. I hear he steals things.

Lisa H. said...

He stole a foam mattress pad from me, which I brought especially for OPE visits. Now I have to sleep on the floor, with Todd, who is bony.

The Brunette said...

There was alcohol involved, and I wasn't invited?? I'm very hurt!!

jennifuzz said...

How is it that it looks like you guys had more fun from this blogangle?
I got me a cool calendar in the mail over the weekend, so we got all fuzz drunk.

Hogg said...

I wish Jennifuzz would get with the holiday program and post some of that calendar fuzz. But she still claims to be "retired" from blogging, even after the unfortunate end to Kurt's hunger strike.

Laura R, keep it up with that holiday cheer!

lyn said...

Mmmmm, egg nog.
The bloke looks quite tasty too.

Gimme A Chance? said...

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