Friday, December 09, 2005

vee's wee

here is a wee for my friend virginia. she & jesus are capricorns. she loves christmas so much. jesus was born so that virginia could enjoy this month.
virginia is my hero. she is brilliant. one of the funniest people ever. she will sit & drink champagne, embroider, participate in a crossword puzzle & tell stories about when she was a girl on the farm. she captivates, amuses, makes your heart beat fast & can bring you to tears.
she was our executive director at hospice. i loved working (for) with her. she made me feel smart. she raises people to their best.
she curses like a truck driver, her coffee & lunch end up on her shirt almost daily and i would listen carefully when she spoke to a patient & their family on the phone because she always taught me something. teaching moments are her forte.
her school picture enlarged mega hangs at my work area. beautiful blue eyes that twinkle & speak of deep compassion.
i don't know if we ever truly know how we affect peoples lives.
surely, the attempt to let people know how profound their existence is on our lives must have weight.
if i have learned anything while working at hospice, it is that physical pain can really be managed, everyone deserves dignity & it is possible to look someone in the eyes who is dying & fall in love.
virginia hired me for this job. i must remember to thank her.


karma said...

Virginia deserves a holiday named after her too, like baby Jesus has. What date is her birthday - I'm skipping work and will send a link to your post if anyone is looking for me on that date.

Merry Christmas and Happy Virginia Day!

Gladys said...

Three cheers for Virginia.

ps: Can you post more pictures of that loveable Kurt?

Alicia said...

What a beautiful, funny, poignant post. Thank you.

lyn said...

She sounds lovely.