Sunday, January 29, 2006

close of the weekend

the last week has been a big blur.
hillary at wee wonderfuls posted about my new on-line shop, loloko, and sales shot through the roof! I am just catching my breath.
i have been enjoying packing all this cute Japanese Decole to people. it is like christmas everyday.
i signed up to take a doll making workshop at the craft center.
here are the arms & head. it is really fascinating learning the construction. i am interested in the process & the possibilities.


Kurt said...


Anonymous said...

Wow Lo, that looks great.

Who keeps everything together at home while you're so busy?

(as in significant)

karma said...

Are you still planning on speaking to all of us know that you have your own high-powered crafting conglomerate?

Lisa H. said...

Is that doll going to tell us to hang loose? Or is s/he going to be a fan of Megadeth?

Todd said...

The doll is apart.

Alicia said...

Can't wait to get my order! (But no pressure -- take your time!) Thanks, L!

Gina said...