Monday, January 23, 2006

our anniversary

dear reader,
i forgot that today is our one year anniversary.
kurt, from other people exist (ope) and i have been blogging together for one year.
i had great plans to celebrate! i would make kurt a sassy tee, hand sew him a much needed stuffie...alas, i am here with nothing. he had to remind me it was our anniversary. me! the one who remembers birthdays & anniversaries. i do not know where i have been lately.
kurt took to blogging like icing to a cupcake. he puts a lot of creative energy into his blog. he has far surpassed any of our expectations of what blogging could be.
he is much more dedicated and disciplined than i. i admire that. i have always wanted self-discipline.
happy anniversary kurt.


lisa s said...

happy anniversary!

and congrats on the new highly cute shop!!

Arlene said...

Happy Anniversary Miss Laura. I hope all is well with you and Jan :-) xoxoxoxoxo

karma said...

A sassy midriff-bearing tee, I presume

melvin said...

kurt is incredible! you are lucky to know him (for now).

Kurt said...

Thanks for your kind words.

kelly said...

happy anniversary, and congratulations on Loloko! Such an exciting venture!

casey said...

¡felicidades! My blogging anniversary is coming up next month.