Saturday, February 18, 2006

catch up from december

email to kurt, of ope:
"sophie & i made a ton {buttons} at the holidays.
i should blog about it."

"You should blog about everything.
that's my kurt, always on top of it.


these are 1" buttons. sophie used old fabric & vintage sewing patterns.

i made my aunt & two female cousins each a wee using old pillowcases their grandma (mom) had embroidered years ago.
i have been meaning to post the pictures.

wee familywee back
wee wees back

my aunt is the craftiest of us all. i think because of her i majored in textiles at university. she never wanted her children to be artists. one out of three is not, so that isn't too bad...
my aunt really is a hero figure for me. she has seen me through some very difficult life experiences. she is total fun to be around, she is the best mom ever. if you have the slightest idea for a project of any sort, and mention it to her, look out because she will take it full steam ahead. she helped me get l o l o k o up & running like you wouldn't believe. she thought it was such fun (i pulling my hair out) that we should have been working on it when i first arrived! gesh. imagine. talk about lucky. i hit the auntie jackpot when she married my uncle.
we can't choose our families. i don't even think i could have dreamt her up.


Jennifer said...

cute little wee's! i love the ribbon for your tags - is it embroidered or printed?

Kurt said...

You honor me.

karma said...

I want to hit the Auntie Jackpot. Wanna be my auntie?

laura r. said...

jennifer, those are embroidered. love them.

karma, i would be honored.

lisa s said...

i love the 1" buttons... super charming... and so nice to hear about such a great aunt! lucky lucky!

iHanna said...

the vintage pattern buttons are super, as is the embrodery! great pictures!

Gillian Greding said...

Your buttons are GORGEOUS! Such a brilliant idea. Also, your wee's are are just lovely.

weirdbunny said...

I just love these, I am always showing friends when they come over as they are on the wee wonderful slideshow. They are really original.