Sunday, April 02, 2006

skipping ahead

it has been so long since i have posted.
i regret that. i learned this week something i was not fully aware of before.
i have the highest regard for my own personal putter time.
i was not completly conscience of this until challenged about one more thing to put on my list of daily activities.
i love when the whole day is ahead of me & i have nothing on the agenda.
like a prairie, i see all before me, around me. it is quiet. it is still.
i can take time to watch & observe, carefully.
usually a cat will get lots of attention. the dining room table will get some de-cluttering action. maybe a magazine will be browsed, a little filing, perhaps.
something in the studio will get my attention.
i will be carried away.
these putter days are gold to me.
i can barely call them productive. they don't bring in money. they aren't helping anyone. all i know is that it is a deep calling. i wish it was more of a noble calling.

my friend kurt designed this magazine cover.
he is very witty, silly & fun.
when i opened my email to find this waiting for me, i burst into laughter.


Lisa H. said...

I know what you mean about the putter time. Unfortunately, in my case it's just laziness. I don't even get to my many unfinished craft projects.

More to the point, how can I subscribe?

karma said...

Is the centerfold this Jan Garrison?

JessRedRose said...

Putter time is essential. It feels weird to avoid committing to things just to have time to wander around aimlessly, (or even fruitfully) but you have to do it!