Sunday, April 09, 2006

on the table mable

4_8_06 studio

i have a few projects in progress:

one of jess hutch's odd fellows
a little wee stuffie
a book using wood Formica samples

i start soo many projects that don't get completed.
i take a long time making & i am fickle.
does this seem judgmental?
maybe so.
i think about what i am to do with all this stuff i have accumulated.
does anyone want a corset or two?
i made 30 for my graduate project. you can't even wear them. it's art.
i have a bunch of girdles too.
sometimes i think about having a sale to see if i can move some things out.
what do people do with all the work they make?
i think it is a real dilemma when one is driven to make, but feels encumbered by stuff.
it's a love/hate relationship.


Michal said...

i hear you so much! i'm an animation student, and there's always the dillema of "what do i do with the hundreds and hundresa of individual drawings left after they were scanned in and put together on the computer?! yet, you can't let go... in a way, they're your kids. right?

kelly said...

i know what you mean... i have to continually reign myself in so that i don't have too many projects in progress! I'm trying desperately to be a "finisher"! Now, as to where to put everything? Let me know if you have any brilliant suggestions!

Lisa H. said...

Dixon Mini Storage: "You have the key."

Anonymous said...

I have a bucket full of unfinished projects, It makes my head hurt to think about it. I think I'm ADD

karma said...

I'll take one corset and one girdle, please.

weirdbunny said...

I love the idea of that little book made out for formica samples, it looks really original. Pick one unfinished project a month to complete, before you know it they will all be gone. For may I'm trying to complete a project that I stareted 3 years ago!!

kristin said...

show us please!! would love to see the girdle and them, maybe swap them, sell them. love the pages for your book...what a great look on the wood.

yoonie at home said...

Just love your blog. Everything is in sync!

mykonos said...

I especially love the pill doll!!