Wednesday, May 10, 2006


we adopted a little dog from our local s.p.c.a.
he came with the name austin.
he has this dot on him that is a perfect circle.
he has lots of black spots on his skin.
he doesn't mind the cats, though they mind him.
our world has changed forever.
we walk everyday now. everything is "good this or that"; good off, good eat, good pee, good poop, good sit, good walk.
we'll even say it to one another.
it is amazing having a new being in the house.
i can't even imagine how much a baby changes everything...

i have received 12 boxes from Decole. it's like christmas.
i am now catching up on all the backorders from january!
if i quit my day job i could get all the items unpacked, photographed & in the shop soon.

i won't mention how bad my allergies are right now, or how i have a chronic chapped lip problem, or how i am really behind in cards & presents to friends & family.

and i certainly don't need to mention how i find little time for blogging.


Anonymous said...

lavage lavage lavage

Kurt said...

Cutest dog ever.

kelly said...

what a sweet little puppy! thanks so much for your comment about my missing kitty - so nice that you've adopted from the SPCA. I've been going there every day looking for our kitty, and I just want to take every last animal home with me for love and cuddles! If only it were feasible...

karma said...

It's a very popular dog/baby name. It ranked 27th in popularity for males of all ages (1990 census).

Did you use a hyphenated last name for Austin?

jennifuzz said...

he is fuzzworthy indeed.

Lisa H. said...

He looks like a keeper. I envy you your little dog. However, my cat and the landlady (not to mention no backyard and a job far from home) prevent me from the dog lifestyle. Alice is, of course, monitoring every word I write.

weirdbunny said...

He's lovely and cute, so glad you gave him a home!

posy press said...

he's darling...i bet he is happy with his new home!

Matthews said...

I quietly drop in on your blog from time to time to check on what's happening with your menager family.
I am so pleased you have Austin. He's adorable and is adored I know.